Video Tutorial

Ricky Royal's Tutorial Video -- if you want to learn to play the game via video, this is your first stop. Ricky Royal walks through the first four turns of a Triad mission, covering most of the rules found in the game. From there, your walkthrough of the rulebook will be a breeze. Ricky does an extremely accurate job; there are a very few minor issues with the video as described below, nearly all of which are corrected by Ricky as he goes along:

Video 2, 6:39 -- Before beginning your first turn, be sure to draw starting cards for all of your characters (rulebook p. 18), rathering than doing it as they come onto the map.

Video 5, 3:20 -- When Kiri flies, she cannot end in a Cavern space. The front of the Labyrinth is a Cavern space. (Ricky corrects this in a later episode).

Video 5, 6:46 -- After you fail to defeat the Guardian, place the card back on the deck face up, rather than face down. (Again, Ricky corrects this in a later episode.)

Video 7 -- Kit Carson and Kiri Silvertip did not need to specifically draw Secret cards for their rewards. They could have drawn any mix allowable from Common, Secret and Elite.

Video 8 -- Devon Regal is in a Dome, and you cannot see into or out of a Dome. Therefore he could not take a shot with his postol at Bruno. (Ricky corrects this quickly in the same video.)

Video 8, 13:45 -- Devon Regal fired in the Fire phase. If a character fires in the Fire phase, he cannot move in the Move phase.

Box of Delights

Duel of Ages II Basic Set Rulebook

The rulebook as found in the Basic Set. This rulebook has the advantage of teaching the game in stages and providing greater explanation than the online Master Compendium. However, it contains a mere three missions, and the various rules subjects are mixed into the mission explanation. We suggest you download the Master Compendium once you are familiar with the game.

Duel of Ages II Master Compendium

The Masters Compendium is NOT found in the Master Set. Rather, it is the "living" online rules and missions book. The Basic rulebook does a better job of introducing the rules in stages, but once you are familiar with Duel of Ages, we suggest downloading and using the Compendium. It contains the rules organized more effectively for reference, bonus rules for the Alliance Key, and an entire section of missions. YOU MAY FREELY MAKE PRINTS OF THE COMPENDIUM.

Rules, Character and Treasure Clarifications

Need help with an unusual treasure situation or just want more enlightenment on a character’s special ability? Questions answered here. When in doubt, stick with simple, and the letter of the law rule-wise.

What's In The Box?

Manufactured by the exceptional engineers of Ludo Fact in Germany, Duel of Ages II offers the unique game play of the original in combination with first-class quality and superb graphics. Let’s crack open the boxes and see what’s inside...