About Brett Murrell

Brett makes a mess of personality tests. On one side of the brain, he designs systems and consults for investigative agencies as the premier expert on crime and bomb scene management. It's disciplined, systematic work.

On the other side, he imagines wildly.

And in the sweet spot in between, he is an accomplished game theorist, author, and world builder.

Under the vibrant Worldspanner universe, he works with other designers and authors to create an interconnected body of gaming and storytelling. He is designer of the acclaimed Duel of Ages game series and author of the exceptional unfolding mystery series known as Dusties.

Watch for the upcoming novel series, Jurney. And two tabletop game series, Tragick and Westhope, are due in late 2019.

About Worldspanner

In 2002, Brett and a group of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts completed playtest of a uniquely-structured, addictively entertaining game system named Duel of Ages. Placed in a story universe called Worldspanner, the group brought the game to market during a short quiet period in their otherwise busy pursuit of software development, with the primary purpose to set down copyright anchors for the characters and stories involved. Released with little fanfare and no advertisement, the group returned to their software duties.

And then the game took off.

At first slowly, then at a rising clip, the game began showing up in the #1 and Top 10 lists of more and more gamers and critics, including #1 All-Time for five years running on the Dice Tower. It ended up a bestseller purely by word of mouth and fan enthusiam.

In 2009, work began on Duel of Ages II. With the goal of streamlining the rules set and improving the quality to produce a true game system ready for a wide array of possible expansion, the long labor of art, design and playtest continued for four years before, on a rainy Thanksgiving night in 2012, the seemingly never-ending labor was pronounced complete.

In 2013, the Worldspanner universe took flight with both the launch of the Duel of Ages II series, which became an instant bestseller, and the publishing of Dusties, completed in 2018.

Worldspanner is based in Boise, Idaho, and is gifted with a wealth of talent from associates in the U.S. and thirteen countries.



Brett and fellow troublemaker

To contact Worldspanner for support, suggestions, business, or just to pass on a comment, you can:

1. Contact Worldspanner at brett@worldspanner.com

2. Message Worldspanner on Facebook -- here.

3. Leave a note to Spitfireixa by personal message on BoardGameGeek -- here.

4. If the message is public, post a thread on the Duel of Ages II page of BoardGameGeek -- here.

6. Contact ... .--. .. - ..-. .. .-. . through the telegraph system.


The Young Buck Proofing/Playtest/Reading Crue


Finally able to play a just-for-fun game with a mix of Old Guard Crue and Young Buck Crue