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About Us

If you are looking for the most fashionable and trendy fiction and games, you have come to the wrong place. You won't find the latest fads here or videos of marketers dancing with our creations.

That's not at all to say we are obscure or unknown. Our Duel of Ages/Factions series has won 32 awards over the past 20 years, including twelve #1 Game of the Year, Game of All Time and Best Reprint awards.

Our games and fiction do not follow trends. Our entertainment leads you into the deeper woods and watches you find your way out. It's never cliche, never shallow, never insulting to your intelligence, and never ever just more-of-the-same.

Enjoy your unique experiences with game systems that can be massively expanded by the players.

Support Human Artists

AI art is here to stay, and we're in for some years of trying to see how everything will adjust out with our human artists. In the meantime, we support and will use human artists. We thank the over 50 freelance artists and modelers we have worked with in our projects, and will continue that enjoyable relationship.

Polite Society Policy

It is unacceptable to have small groups of divisive warring factions unnecessarily and carelessly tear apart our communities, our joys and hobbies, and our interactions. We desire inclusiveness, where players and readers actually do feel welcome and not attacked. We all need the Polite Society Policy, so support it wherever you find it.

As such, Worldspanner and its communities operate on Polite Society standards:

1. POLITE RESTRAINT: Worldspanner does not aggressively champion or command compliance with social, cultural, political, or international causes except as is naturally inherent in our products.

2. POLITE STEWARDSHIP: Worldspanner provides no platforms intended for the aggressive championing of social, cultural, political, or international causes.

3. POLITE STANDARD: Worldspanner expects the same standard of restraint and stewardship to be reciprocated by you to us. We do not respond to impolite, demanding, manipulative, or coercive interaction.

4. TOPICAL COMMUNITY: Conversation and topics in Worldspanner communities are expected to remain reasonably on-topic for Worldspanner entertainments and board gaming/fiction.

5. GREENSIDING: Worldspanner will interact with you using the Greensiding standard. Rather than hunt for our differences and demand change in your outlook (Redsiding), we will find what we agree on and work with you based on those agreements. Because we all like good games and good fiction, Greensiding will be easy for you as well.

What this means in practice for you:

In the interest of furthering the hobby and society in general, Worldspanner will not conduct flag-waving, witch-hunting, public shaming, bullying/cry-bullying/offense-bullying, or other aggressive or demanding behavior toward others. It will expect the same standard from you. Basically, if you share your opinion politely, you'll be fine. If you push your opinion through aggressive tactics like shaming, demeaning, trolling, emotional manipulation, offense, slander, or threats - especially against another user - you are breaking our Polite Society standards.

Worldspanner will not tolerate such behavior in our established social communities and will not otherwise engage with such aggressive behavior.

Community members are free to state and refer to their viewpoints, within the bounds of legality. They are also free to refrain from topics without pressure.

Beyond this, your conversations on our social communities are expected to be reasonably on-topic and always polite, with currently-divisive topics muted or avoided. Members are not to make accusatory or demanding statements or questions against others. Such comments will be removed and the poster muted for a time.

Our modern internet society has trained us poorly, and we all have bad habits instilled by social media. Worldspanner understands that people might fail in these standards by habit. So, we do not generally ban users for these failures. Often we will merely set you to a muted membership for a time. Bad habits die hard.

We encourage you to spend time with the people around you, to speak in-person whenever possible, and to Greenside everyone.